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It’s a never ending cycle for us parents

Want to truly experience the limits of your own control over life? Have a child. From the beginning, it’s an exercise in no control, even before you’ve got mom and the newborn home. That first car trip from the hospital is when it all really hit home for me. It’s all but impossible to put into words the measure of anxiety while strapping in the first child seat, placing that newborn in the car and driving off from the hospital.

  • icon Posted: October 09

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Thursday 10/02/2014
Sadly, Gov. hopefuls share common ground
Posted: October 02, 2014

This morning, the latest polling shows Greg Abbott maintains a nine point lead over Wendy Davis entering the final five weeks of the race for governor.

Thursday 09/25/2014
Health benefits from owning a pet? Hmm...
Posted: September 25, 2014

It takes all of about 20 some odd keystrokes to find data on the Internet supporting the theory owning a pet improves your life. There are studies that show (purportedly) owning a pet lowers blood pressure, although the medical website reporting the results of the study still encouraged me to eat right and exercise. Pet ownership has also been found to lower cholesterol, too, although I’m not entirely sure how.

Thursday 09/18/2014
It’s not just a football problem we have here
Posted: September 18, 2014

The National Football League in a few short months has gone from one of the largest moneymaking behemoths around to slightly damaged goods. (“Slightly” because fans aren’t going to stop watching games, going to games or buying apparel anytime soon.)

Thursday 09/11/2014
It’ll be a while before schools see more $$
Posted: September 11, 2014

Don’t expect to see any new money for public schools until 2016-17. Last month, state district Judge John Dietz determined Texas’ method of funding public education was unconstitutional.

Thursday 09/04/2014
Do state’s tests provide accurate measure?
Posted: September 04, 2014

Since the dawn of standardized testing in Texas, Highland Park Independent School District has typically posted some of the best passing rates in the state.

Thursday 08/28/2014
Football is here... along with changes
Posted: August 28, 2014

Football is here. Some changes, too.

Thursday 08/21/2014
Former coach’s reputation precedes him
Posted: August 21, 2014

Grant Teaff’s reputation precedes him. These days, the former Baylor coach is probably as well known as a man of integrity than for the 128 wins over 21 seasons at the Baptist school in Waco. Before Baylor’s flirtation last season with a BCS championship, Teaff’s tenure served as the program’s gold standard.

Thursday 08/14/2014
Henderson man watches Ukraine... and waits
Posted: August 14, 2014

Watching and reading news coverage of the civil war in Ukraine, as with all conflicts located half a world away, it’s easy – preferable, even – to view both sides as nameless, faceless adversaries.